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Community Garage Sale

Do you have extra things that are cluttering your garage or home that you’d like to be rid of?

The Seabridge HOA Board of Directors has approved a community garage sale on Saturday, June 17 from 7 AM until 10 AM, sponsored by BarbraSue and OC Miller Team of Seven Gables Real Estate.

The Association gates will be open and you will be allowed to display your sale items inside and in front of your garages.  Visitors will be driving into the community to purchase and pick up items.  Please do not display items in the streets that could obstruct vehicles and/or pedestrians the ability to pass safely.

Please see the garage sale information below:

Seabridge HOA
Community Garage Sale
Saturday, June 17, 2023
7 AM – 10 AM

Rules for Pet Owners

A friendly reminder to keep pets out of the pool and tennis court areas. Property owners are responsible for notifying their tenants of the Association rules and Seabridge HOA will issue warning letters and can impose a fine on the owner for failure to comply.

All Seabridge HOA residents are reminded to please adhere to the association Rules and Regulation for dogs. Owners are required to leash their dogs in the common area and pick up after their dogs immediately in the common areas and exclusive use decks and patio areas.

Additionally, Orange County’s animal law states, “A person having custody of any animal shall not permit, either willfully or through failure to exercise due care or control, any such animal to defecate upon any public area, private property, county park or beach. The person having custody of any animal shall immediately remove any feces deposited by such animal”. Pet owners, please leash your pet(s), as per local Orange County and California Laws.

2023 Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Membership for the Association will be held concurrently with the regular session monthly Board meeting on June 20, 2023 for the purpose of electing a Board of Directors.

At this time we are requesting candidates for the Board of Directors. If you are interested in running for the Board, please complete the form that was mailed or emailed to each address, and return it to Action Property Management. Candidate statements must be submitted prior to 5:00 p.m., Friday, April 14, 2023 in order to be included on the ballot.

The Board consists of five members who are elected by the membership. There are five positions up for re-election, each for a one year term. You must be a homeowner to run for your Board of Directors. The elected Board members will then meet and appoint officers; therefore, candidates will run for a position on the Board only, and not a particular office.

Thank you for taking an active, positive interest in your community!

New Vehicle Gate Remotes

The Board of Directors has authorized new 2 button remotes for each homeowner for use at the Association vehicle gates. These new remotes will allow residents to open one vehicle gate at a time. The current vehicle remotes open both gates at the same time which is causing extra wear on the gates and operators. The Association Rules and Regulations allow for each homeowner to possess 2 vehicle remotes. The pool and pedestrian gate fobs are separate and will not be replaced at this time. These fobs will continue to operate after the change over to the new gate remotes. It may take several weeks to distribute all of the new vehicle gate remotes and residents should continue using their current remotes until the new remotes are live.

Homeowners or their authorized tenants/representatives may pick up the new remotes from the Community Manager at the clubhouse on Wednesdays between 10 AM and 5 PM. Note: the weekly Manager onsite day for the third week of March will be Tuesday, March 14 not Wednesday, March 15. Otherwise, it is on Wednesday each week.

Tenants/representatives must provide written authorization from their landlord to receive a new remote. Landlords may email the authorization to the Community Manager prior to the tenant/representative picking up the remote. Once the remotes have been distributed, the old remotes will be discontinued and only the new remotes will be active for the vehicle gates. Residents must program the remotes to their own vehicles separately if they have this capability.

Please contact the Community Manager via email with any questions or to set up a different time to receive the new remotes.

Pool Furniture

The chaise lounges and tables at the pool are in the process of being refurbished. The process takes several weeks so half of the chaise lounges and tables will be redone at a time. You will notice fewer lounges and tables at the pool for the next few months as they refurbish these pieces in two phases.


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