Manager’s Messages

New Vehicle Gate Remotes

The Board of Directors has authorized new 2 button remotes for each homeowner for use at the Association vehicle gates. These new remotes will allow residents to open one vehicle gate at a time. The current vehicle remotes open both gates at the same time which is causing extra wear on the gates and operators. The Association Rules and Regulations allow for each homeowner to possess 2 vehicle remotes. The pool and pedestrian gate fobs are separate and will not be replaced at this time. These fobs will continue to operate after the change over to the new gate remotes. It may take several weeks to distribute all of the new vehicle gate remotes and residents should continue using their current remotes until the new remotes are live.

Homeowners or their authorized tenants/representatives may pick up the new remotes from the Community Manager at the clubhouse on Wednesdays between 10 AM and 5 PM. Note: the weekly Manager onsite day for the third week of March will be Tuesday, March 14 not Wednesday, March 15. Otherwise, it is on Wednesday each week.

Tenants/representatives must provide written authorization from their landlord to receive a new remote. Landlords may email the authorization to the Community Manager prior to the tenant/representative picking up the remote. Once the remotes have been distributed, the old remotes will be discontinued and only the new remotes will be active for the vehicle gates. Residents must program the remotes to their own vehicles separately if they have this capability.

Please contact the Community Manager via email with any questions or to set up a different time to receive the new remotes.

Pool Furniture

The chaise lounges and tables at the pool are in the process of being refurbished. The process takes several weeks so half of the chaise lounges and tables will be redone at a time. You will notice fewer lounges and tables at the pool for the next few months as they refurbish these pieces in two phases.

Trash Service Update

Republic Services does not have a special schedule for picking up discarded Christmas trees at Seabridge HOA. Please leave all discarded Christmas trees in the trash bins for Republic to pick up on their regular trash day schedule. Residents do not need to call Republic for a special pick up, just leave the discarded Christmas trees in the bins.

As a reminder, Seabridge HOA is a commercial account, not residential, so there are no free pickups. Homeowners must pay a nominal fee for each bulk item pickup. The service is still offered, it’s just not free. Call Republic Services (formerly Rainbow) at 714-847-3581 and use the Seabridge HOA account number 3-0605-0072036 when ordering. Any items longer than 6 feet will not be picked up.

Boat Parade

The Huntington Harbour Boat Parade is on Saturday, December 10 and Sunday, 11, 2022 at 5:15 PM and information about the event is available at the event website The Association gates will be open from 12 PM until 9 PM on Saturday and Sunday in order to accommodate guests and vendors who are dropping off items and visitors for the event.

November Reminders

As a reminder, there is no Board of Directors meeting in December and the next scheduled meeting is on Tuesday, January 17, 2023 at 7 PM in the clubhouse and also available on Zoom. The manager onsite days for December are Wednesday, December 7, 14 and 28 and Tuesday, December 20. The Huntington Harbour Boat Parade is at 5:15 PM on December 10 and 11, 2022 and information is available at the event website If you are travelling over the Thanksgiving holiday, the TSA has an updated list of travel tips on their website: The state of California also has posted safety tips to stay healthy during the holidays at the website: Stay safe and healthy this Thanksgiving!



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