Manager’s Messages

Seabridge HOA Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Membership for Seabridge Homeowners Association will be held on June 21, 2022 for the purpose of electing a Board of Directors. Please return your ballots for the annual meeting by mail to Accurate Voting Services prior to June 20, 2022.

Driveway Parking

Many of the driveway skirts at Seabridge HOA are large enough for a vehicle to park parallel to the street which is allowed as long as the tires do not extend over the red line into the fire lane. The HOA parking rules allow for parking in the driveway as long as the fire lane is left open. Short term loading and unloading is also permitted on the driveway including being over the red line into the fire lane but the driver must be able to move their vehicle immediately if needed. Long term parking on the street that extends into the fire lane is never permitted.

Vehicle Break Ins

There have been some incidents of vehicle break ins reported inside the community recently. Any incidents should be reported to the Huntington Beach Police right away by calling 714-960-8811. The city also has an online reporting page using the link below:

Residents are reminded to secure their property by locking their doors, parking inside their garage and arranging for package delivery while they are home. It is important to notify the police of every occurrence of theft so that they have a record of the incident and can respond appropriately when called. Please remember to secure your property.

New Digital Hangtag

Patrol One is phasing out the traditional hangtag and will be using a digital hangtag based on the license plate number of the vehicle that you have registered with them. In order to make this change, each resident with a current hangtag must fill out a new registration form and email it to Patrol One. They will respond with a code for your new digital hang tag. The form is available to download from the Patrol One website. The link to their website is on this page just to the right. Once on their website, click on “Parking Permits” and then “Download a Permit Application”. Once you enter your street name in the box provided, the form for Seabridge HOA will be available to download. See Community Parking Tab for additional information.

Recent Solicitations

Several residents have notified Management of recent solicitations inside of Seabridge HOA from a mobile dog grooming company that asks if you or your neighbor has a dog. Management has contacted the HBPD non-emergency line and the desk officer said they are getting many calls from residents in Huntington Harbour about these solicitations.  As of now, their findings are inconclusive as to whether or not they are doing anything illegal or casing homes.  The police do not support the conclusion presented on the social media websites about this being an illegal home casing operation because they have no proof.  As of now, they are only violating the civil code for solicitation on private property.  If solicited by these individuals, the police suggest that residents call the HBPD non-emergency number and/or tell them to leave the property.  The HBPD non-emergency number is 714-960-8811.



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