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Seabridge is a Planned Unit Development (PUD)

The definition for PUD “is a large, integrated development adhering to a comprehensive plan and located on a single tract of land or on two or more tracts of land that may be separated only by a street of other right-of-way. PUD is a form of development that, although conceived decades ago, can be used today to advance a number of important smart growth and sustainability objectives. PUD has a number of distinct advantages over conventional lot-by-lot development:. Visit planning.org for more information!

We are not a :

Seabridge Homeowners (HO) own the land and the entire structure of the unit.
Generally homeowners are responsible for cleaning, maintaining and repairing the structural components of the units including but not limited to doors/ sliders with flashing, garage doors, garden windows, window flashing-metal cladding, windows, awnings, chimney caps/shrouds with the flashing, lamps, vents, utilities, dish/cable, utility boxes/doors, shared walls with adjoining units and enclosed areas of the lots such as; steps/stairs walk ways, patios, patio decks, patio walls, metal rails, planter boxes and trim. An approved ARC request and application must be submitted, prior to any work that affects the exterior of the unit, ie; replacements, additions or re-construction. Please review the “Architectural” web page to avoid additional costs/delays, violations, fines and or probationary action.

The Seabridge Homeowner’s Association (HOA) manages, maintains and repairs the roofs including the structural components, roofline flashing, downspouts, rain gutters and is responsible for exterior painting and deck coatings. The rest of the monthly assessments is budgeted for the common areas; dock walks, public access gangways, lighting, landscaping, green belt, sidewalks, benches, streets, signs, gates, fences, security, parking patrol, trash enclosures, sewers, tennis courts, pool/Jacuzzi-with the health permits, clubhouse and Wi-Fi at the pool. Mailboxes are purchased by the association, however

All Seabridge Homeowners/Residents … should become familiar with the rules and regulations via this website or by contacting the >property management company for more questions and concerns.

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