Recent Solicitations

Posted By on February 4, 2022

Several residents have notified Management of recent solicitations inside of Seabridge HOA from a mobile dog grooming company that asks if you or your neighbor has a dog. Management has contacted the HBPD non-emergency line and the desk officer said they are getting many calls from residents in Huntington Harbour about these solicitations.  As of now, their findings are inconclusive as to whether or not they are doing anything illegal or casing homes.  The police do not support the conclusion presented on the social media websites about this being an illegal home casing operation because they have no proof.  As of now, they are only violating the civil code for solicitation on private property.  If solicited by these individuals, the police suggest that residents call the HBPD non-emergency number and/or tell them to leave the property.  The HBPD non-emergency number is 714-960-8811.


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