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Pacific Airshow

The Pacific Airshow returns to Huntington Beach this month from September 29 – October 1. As in the past, the airshow will attract huge crowds and lots of cars in the area. The aircraft are also noisy and residents should be aware of jets flying low over their homes. Please see the city website for more information on how best to enjoy the airshow. It is best to plan ahead and be patient in order to have a safe and enjoyable experience.



There has been an increase in mice in the community this year.  The Association pest control company attributes the increase to the wet winter that has allowed more vegetation growth and animals who live there to thrive.  The HOA has responded by increasing the number of bait stations in the common area from 38 to 50.  Most of the new bait stations are along Sparkler Drive and the areas where mice are entering the community from the perimeter.  Owners have also been setting traps inside their homes and patios to combat the mice.  The pest control company advises residents to keep their garages and doors closed, do not leave pet food out and place steel wool in any spall spaces they see where mice can enter. This is an unusual occurrence to have this many mice around and it seems to be community wide.

End of Summer Party

Saturday, August 26 from 2 PM to 5 PM at the Seabridge HOA greenbelt between Twinkle and Alert. Food and seating provided. Bring your own drinks. RSVP by August 20 to Natalya Rogers. Hosted by the Seabridge HOA Social Committee.

Pool Rules Reminder

A friendly reminder now that Summer 2023 has finally arrived on some important pool rules for the safety and enjoyment of all residents:

  1. The swimming pool, spa, and restroom facilities are for the exclusive use of owners, tenants, and their guests. Guests must always be accompanied by a resident with a fob. Children under the age of 14 cannot use the pool area without an adult in attendance.
  2. No lifeguard is on duty and the homeowner assumes full responsibility for themselves and guests. Residents are responsible for any damage caused by their guest to Seabridge property or another person’s property.
  3. Pool area is always to remain locked and never propped/taped/blocked open. Exit and entrance to the pool area is required through the provided entrances with a gate fob. Securely and completely close all gates and doors upon leaving the pool or restroom areas.
  4. No pets are allowed in the pool or pool area. This rule also applies to the tennis courts. Please keep pets off the courts and out of the pool area.
  5. Smoking is not allowed in the Pool Area and restroom facilities. Alcohol is not permitted in the pool or tennis court areas. The use of glassware or glass bottles in the pool area is prohibited.
  6. Private lessons are not allowed in the pool or tennis courts. Functions involving commercial or for-profit activity are prohibited.

Homeowners are advised to consult the Association Rules and Regulations for the complete list.

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